Please enjoy some of our meeting insights and company news below. While we concentrate on providing you with useful and tailored learnings via our Meeting Academy, you will find a few excerpts here, delivered by some our brilliant behavioural scientists and consultants.  

5 Ways to Get Your Organisation Focused on Better Meetings

Few would disagree the meetings are costly and could be better. But, where should leaders start in getting the organisation focused on better meetings? 

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4 Tips to Ensure Your Meetings Have Clear Decisions 

Have you ever had a meeting in which people exchange excellent ideas but no one takes any action afterwards Follow these 4 easy steps to make sure that meetings deliver results.
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How to Design Meetings with a Clear Purpose

Have you ever attended a meeting and thought “why am I here?” If yes, chances are attendees in meetings you lead might have once thought so too.  Here are 3 tips to help ensure this doesn’t happen.
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If you’re interested in decision science, you can read some our insights here, from the Leapwise team.