Learn more about our software that provides tailored, unique insights on your organisation’s meeting effectiveness that you can track and improve on over time.¬†

Track Your Meeting Effectiveness

We developed our software to provide each user with a personalised dashboard filled with insights, stats and learnings to improve individual meeting experiences and organisational meeting effectiveness.

Learn From Our Meeting Academy

To deliver real change to your meeting culture, with our behavioural scientists and consultants  developed an academy of resources to accelerate the learning of your organisation. Your meeting articles, tips and learnings are tailored specifically to each user: each manager or employee gets articles unique to the specific problems they are facing. 

To get a snapshot, enjoy some our meeting insights below:

Get Insights From Each Meeting

We pinpointed unique factors that drive meeting performance, based on results, group dynamics and design. Through post-meeting surveys, you get data and learn how you perform on each of these factors.

Some of our Benefits

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Personalised Dashboards

Benefit from personalised dashboards for meeting leaders, attendees and organisations.

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Meeting Effectiveness over Time

You can see how your meeting effectiveness improves over time.

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Post-Meeting Surveys

We administer behavioural science-based meeting questionnaires to assess each meeting.

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Advanced Insights and Analytics

Use data analyticts and our tech-enabled insights to drive meeting improvements.

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Meeting Lab Academy

Automatic access to our Meeting Academy to support effective meetings.

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Online Resources

We provide targeted online resources to address specific issues.

Explore Our Other Meeting Offerings

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