Achieve major cost savings, productivity gains and culture change through a unique, tailored approach to meeting improvement. Delivered by our behavioural scientists and supported by technology. With us, you can:

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Help your organisation and meeting chairs to understand how effective meetings are and pin-point where improvement is needed.

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Provide tailored, data-driven insights on what will improve your meetings, and resolve both surface problems and deeper cultural challenges.

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Change support is underpinned by evidence on behaviour change/ habit formation, with hands-on support to unlock progress in face of deeper challenges

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Our software allows you to assess the impact of major changes, where both individuals and teams can incrementally experiment and track their success.

How It Works

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Diagnose issues and define goals

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Pilot changes with a select teams

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Roll-out new approach

Enabled by our Meeting Software.

Learn more about how our meeting software will assist you throughout your organisation’s meeting transformation. 

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Supported by our Behavioural Scientists and Consultants

To ensure true organisational meeting transformation,  you will work  with our team of culture change consultants and behavioural scientists.